Canadian Quality Control Inc. 

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 Canadian Quality Control  We're the Inspection & Drilling experts, RC, Dewatering, Large Diameter.


From RC Exploration, Air or Mud rotary, and Cable tool drilling of exploration, water wells to environmental wells and dewatering wells were the solution. CQC is also experienced in rehabilitating and servicing all types of well systems. We are licensed and insured for your peace of mind and protection and are backed by over nine decades of reliable well drilling experience.


When it come to your well pump, our technicians are here to help repair, replace, and troubleshoot all parts of your system, from motors, control boxes to pressure tanks even booster pumps. We also have solar pumps available upon request.


From regulating water flow to meet your wells production capacities to annual water well inspections or installing a water storage tank system that provides a more reliable and dependable way to deliver water to your home. We are willing and ready to assist 24/7

  The Enviromental Way to Drill       

New Inspection


We are the Inspection experts with more than two decades of Inspection experience. You can be assured that our team of talented certified technicians will meet your field Inspection needs. Performing Water Well Inspection with Deep Color Cameras as wel as providing a permament record of findings

Drilling Services

Wells, RC, GeoTech Drilling

We are knowledgeable  with over 97 years of uninterrupted generational drilling in our family. You know that you’ve hired the right company to tackle any of your drilling, de-watering, water well , Geot-Technical and exploration needs. Be it for your new or existing water wells  dewatering plans, geothermal wells, pump replacement, and environmental needs call us.

Well Rehabilitations


As a water well ages, the rate at which water may be pumped (commonly referred to as the well yield, flow, or performance) tends to decrease, especially in wells that were not properly developed.  A drop or complete loss of water production from a well can sometimes occur even in relatively new wells due to a lowered water level from over-pumping of the well which can dewater the water-bearing zones. More often, reduced well yield over time can be related to changes in the water well itself. Let us try to solve your water well issues


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