Canadian Quality Control Inc. 

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Over 60 Pumps available for pump testing 5 GPM to 1200 GPM
Submersible Motors 1HP to 125 HP Available for testing
Well Inspection System capable of 600 feet

New Well Construction (for your business or personal use we provide water well drilling services for over 50 years and four generations)

Water Well Inspection (Providing Water Well Inspections to depths of 600, an inspection can reveal issues like corrosion, holes/breaks in the well casing,damaged equipment as well as debirs)

Pump Installation Services (With pump services dating back over 80 years, we can assist you with all your pump installation and service needs. Simply give us a call!) 24 Hour Pump Testing

Dewatering Wells Dewatering a well typically consists of drilling a 4”-36” diameter hole in the ground and pumping the water to a nearby concrete sewer prior to grouting the well

Decommissioning Wells Well decommissioning services to assist you in properly sealing and decommissioning your water well


Well Rehabilitation (If a well has lost its original flow or recovery rate, a well may need to be rehabilitated. This may require acidizing, chlorinating, or bailing the well, all depending on its current status. Many older wells can be restored back to their original flow rates) 

A well rehabilitation will maximize the flow of water from the well. A successful rehabilitation is dependent on the cause(s) of poor well performance and the degree to which the problem has progressed.

Upon noticing loss of performance in your well have CQC inspect your well, with one of our downhole cameras.

Generally, a decrease of 25% or more in well yield indicates that rehabilitation is in order. Delaying rehabilitation procedures can significantly increase costs and in some cases make rehabilitation impossible.

To detect deterioration of well performance, you must have a point of reference. Often this reference is the original well construction and pump test data which are normally supplied to you by the well driller on a well completion report or well log when the well is installed. However, even if you do not have this information, significant changes in your well are also a warning sign. Major changes in any of the following well characteristics is an indication that your well or pump is in need of attention:

- Decreased pumping rate - Decreased water level -Decreased specific capacity

- Increased sand or sediment content in the water (cloudiness) - Decreased total well depth

The two most common methods to rehabilitate a water well are chemical to disolve incrusting maerials form the well and wells screen and physically cleaning the well

Physical methods include using a brush attached to a drilling rig, high pressure jetting, hydrofracturing, and well surging.




At Canadian Quality Control we take pride with providing start to finish services for all of your project needs. We understand that with all the changing legislation it can lead to confusion. With our years of experience we have a proven record of saving or Clients’ money along with assisting with keeping your project on schedule. 

SERVICES                                                                                                                                    Always in the Hole for you 

At CQC we provide many inspection services from Water Well Inspections with one of our downhole inspection cameras, Coatings and Corrosion Inspection with our NACE certified Inspectors, Welding Inspections with our Canadian Welding Bureau and American Welding Society Inspectors. Along with Civil and Mechanical Inspections with our Trade Certified Personnel. We also provide a wide variety of administration support like Inspection Test Plan Preparation, Document Control Management Systems along with NCR, RFI and EWOs' expertise. Services can be provided at your offices or your work site. At Canadian Quality Control we use the latest administration software along with the training needed to be successful to ensure your success.

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